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Ensuring our customers a competitive advantage through MDC's Manufacturers, products, ongoing globalization, supply chain modification, diversification and logistics control.

Why MD Chemicals?

Nowadays, our clients are facing various challenges in making important global supply decisions. Some of these are intense competition, pricing pressures, and supply shortages. Our founder recognizes the need for a more robust service platform. That is why MD Chemicals was established to increase our client's competitive advantage and cost savings without risking product quality, compliance, and service keeping their supply paramount.

Because of our dedication and outstanding work, some of today's highest growth, highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, paint & coatings, CASE, and biotech rely on our team. Take a look at our in-depth product base, solutions, as well as the partners that drive us to be the best.


Established in 2010, our company supplies specialty chemicals to businesses involved in pharmaceutical, paint and coatings, plastic and resins, and polyurethane industries.



We provide a competitive advantage by diversifying and modifying our customers supply chain though our global manufacturer's technologies/products generating a cost savings vs. domestic or traditional supply chain models while safeguarding product quality, compliance and service.



Our team strives to exceed our customers' requirements in all departments and fulfill daily requests an effort to strengthen our relationships building a better business with less loss of time. We are steadfast on a positive environmental impact and give back to the community.


Why Choose Us?

MDC's global footprint bridges the gap between our manufactures and our customers while we manage regulatory, logistics, compliance, and quality assurance. This secures sustainable supply while delivering sustainable cost reductions

Passionate Team
We don’t stop until we provide you the chemicals and services that you need.

Certified, audited and Home land Security compliant EDI and SAP tie in

All ISO 9001 Certified as a minimum Audited & Compliant to current Gov. STDs

Prompt Delivery
Our unique logistics management systems generates a high touch structure affording customers real time updates with on time deliveriese.

Count on us for timely updates, tracking and transparency building the strongest levels of trust.

Our Membership
We are a proud member of New England Chemical Club.

Product Quality Assurance
All products purchased are held to company/customer specifications and requirements prior to off shore shipments and deliveries. Internal documents are analyzed and authorized before purchase.

Extensive Knowledge
We keep ourselves updated with the latest market trends through the utilization of real time customer feedback, principles, ICIS, Tecnon OrbiChem, and feedstock tracking trends.

Customer Service
Our teams are dedicated to making timely calls, replies, and accuracy to achieve the highest customer service levels in the our industry.

How We Can Help

Global Services

 Air, Sea, Rail, Truck and Iso-Tanks are our core freight services. Strategic geographic warehouses and sites are utilized for packaging, product quality assurance, accurate shipping conditions, document compliance per region and safety centered.  These services afford our customers domestic security over a large international platform generating uncompromised confidence.


We manage the Iso tanks vs. the manufacturers.  This is done due to MFGs dictating the schedule creating 3-4 week loading lead times + sea shipping of 3-4 weeks.  Undependable, costly and not reliable delivery dates = poor service.  MDC manages the inland freight for loading, freight to export port, sea shipment, arrival port clearing and inland freight to customer.  This management system is necessary to have a dependable and sustainable structure you can rely on.


We believe it's paramount to have a continuous diversification and modification process for our customers supply chain where our strengths marry well with our customers allowing them to continue to maintain a competitive advantage while reducing risk.

Price Increase Mitigation

Customized formulas, quarterly purchase patters, warehouse inventories and lead times are utilized to craft the best structure for our customers to lessen price increase while stabilizing price for extended periods of time.

What We Take Pride In

Our team will take the time to listen to your requirements and concerns. This way, we can deliver services that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

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Global Positioning

Our offices and warehouses are strategically located in places where we can easily serve you.


Experienced Team

We know the best way to ensure the consistency of the ongoing flow of your supply as well as the quality of the products we provide.


Client-Centered Services

To help you achieve your business goals, we always keep your best interests at heart.

All About Chemicals

Learn about feedstock, and be updated with the current market trends in pharmaceutical industry and more with the help of our team.

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